The DNA Of Insanely High Sales Performance

The DNA of Insanely High Sales Performance

8 Characteristics Of A Sales Superstar

I’ve been very fortunate to have met two Olympic athletes who have won a combined total of 2 gold and 3 silver medals. Never one to waste an opportunity to gain an insight into high performance of any kind, I asked them both:

“What characteristics set you apart from the rest of the field in your chosen discipline?”

Here is their response and my high sales performance take on it:

1/ An obsession.

Their desire is simply to be the best. Get your mind fixed on your quota, and then smash it. Then smash it again.

2/ Precision.

They know their numbers, benchmarks, KPIs. As a result, they are painfully aware of where they are and, more importantly, where they need to be. Begin with a specific and measurable goal in mind.

3/ The right attitude.

They demonstrate relentless determination. Turn each setback into a comeback.

4/ Self-awareness.

They understand and focus on their weaknesses with a clear goal in mind. Take a good, hard look in the mirror. The moment you accept your shortcomings, you’re halfway through the process of overcoming them.

5/ Coaching.

They are not afraid to reach out, accept assistance and take a piece of advice on board. Find a mentor, put your ego away for a moment, listen to the advice and watch your performance skyrocket.

6/ Total commitment.

They understand the paramount importance of continuous training & personal development. The moment you rest on your laurels, you’re already behind.

7/ Marginal gains.

They look to improve everything they do by at least 1%, regularly. Think paperwork, CRM updates, internal procedures, role responsibilities, communication with customers, communication with colleagues. All these seemingly insignificant changes can and will deliver a rather significant performance improvement, when combined. (Also, you might be interested in a recent article published by Harvard Business Review on marginal gains : ‘How 1% Performance Improvements Led to Olympic Gold’ – great read!)

8/ Extra mile.

They are determined to explore areas off the beaten track. Successful sales people simply do what the rest is unwilling to do. I shall elaborate on it soon.

It often seems that, before the thrill of the victory lap can be yours, the most challenging contestant you will ever need to face is