2 Tips On How To Prepare A Compelling Presentation

2 Tips On How To Prepare A Compelling Presentation

Salespeople spend a great deal of time preparing how they are going to introduce their product, service or idea to the customer.  We have 2 tips on how to put together a compelling presentation:

1/ Compelling Presentation Hack No. 1: Start With ‘So What?!’

Quickly grabbing the attention of your audience is critical if you are going to be successful selling, presenting or influencing.

If you haven’t made an impression in the first few moments of an interaction,

your audience will start to tune out.

There is one phrase that can help designing a powerful statement. When planning how best to open your meeting or product presentation ask yourself one question; namely: could my statement trigger a mediocre reaction? Could the audience simply say:

“So what?!” 

If the answer is yes, you probably need to rethink how your presentation can impact your audience. What will it enable them to do that they couldn’t have done before?  The more powerful your opening statement the less likely it is that they will be thinking “so what?!”


2/ Compelling Presentation Hack No. 2: Use ‘Rewind Before You Hit Play’ Rule

Here is a simple 3-step hack to ensure the customer always sees what you have to offer is relevant and compelling. It’s called…



Before you launch into your compelling recommendation or product presentation, remember to include client’s WIIFM factor.  ‘What’s In It For Me?’ – what impact do you believe you can make for the customer?  Keep it simple, one sentence only!

<< Rewind

Replay back to the customer what they have said to you that relates to your idea / recommendation.  Use their language.  This tells the customer you have listened to them and that you understand them.  This is a key component of building rapport.

Play >

Now you have earned the right to present your product / idea / recommendation etc.  Make sure that everything you present relates to what was said in the ‘Rewind’.  Remember: if the customer could say “So what?!” to anything you cover – don’t say it.

Final thought…

Less is more … resist going into a product or technical overload.

It’s always better to leave room for questions.