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Sales Success Case Study

The Brief , Outcomes & Success Factors

The Longley Sales Academy was selected by a global information technology provider to design and roll out a Sales Effectiveness programme with the goal of uniting the UK sales community under a common language of business development and sales.

The purpose of the training academy was to equip the Leadership, Sales Community, Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives with the skills, attitude and behaviours to more effectively qualify, chase and win profitable business opportunities. The period of training delivery spanned 6 years, from 2010 to 2016.

Sales Success Case Study Information Technology - Longley Sales Academy

The success of this programme resulted in it being delivered to a number of company’s subsidiaries throughout the UK and Europe (including travel & healthcare), looking to adopt the same common language and sales best practice. The foundations laid in the initial roll-out led to subsequent enhanced skill and behaviour programmes focusing on:

  • Building Customer Intimacy & Retention.
  • Customer Satisfaction Essentials
  • Negotiations
  • Sales Leadership & Management

Over the course of the six year engagement with the Longley Sales Academy the company turnover grew from £800m in 2010 to over £2.2bn in 2016.

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