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Bridging the sales gap through world-class sales training

& Leadership

We believe that before conducting any training or coaching it is vital to understand the skill, behavioural and attitudinal gaps that prevent your people from performing at their optimal level.

Only by understanding where you are now can we advise you with confidence how to take performance to the next level.

& Leadership
and Coaching

Only sales training programs that are tailored to your business, your people and your customers will deliver the lasting & measurable change you are searching for.

All Longley sales training programs are designed using world-class behaviours, methodologies and tools that are proven to make an impact in the real world not just in the classroom.


Did you know that around 70% of all traditional training and development is completely forgotten within 24 hours of a training or coaching session?

We offer a range of training reinforcement tools that make the newly acquired skills ‘stick’ and create lasting behavioural change for our clients.

Sales Simulator: Learning Through Experience

The Sales Simulator from Longley Sales Academy, just like driving or flight simulators, helps your sales people become experts without years of experience.

This unique classroom-based simulator mirrors a real-life sales opportunity, where teams compete with each other to ‘win the business’.

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