Virtual Learning & Reinforcement

Turning new skills into highly effective habits

 Did you know that around 70% of all traditional training and development is completely forgotten within 24 hours of the session? We understand what needs to happen to make it ‘stick’ and create lasting behavioural change for our clients.

Keeping any learning alive outside the training room is vital if you are to turn new skills and behaviours into long-lasting habits. We employ a number of virtual solutions and reinforcement tools to all our training and development programs:

Interactive Virtual Sessions:

Live e-conference sessions scheduled to deliver key learning topics or reinforcement to participants. Pre-programme e-conference session to engage with participants, set up pre-coursework, expectations & follow-up. All sessions are recorded and can be viewed off-line for reference and reinforcement.


We work with clients to design, produce and deliver highly engaging and interactive e-learning modules that can be hosted on their LMS system.

One to One Coaching:

Face to face coaching with online support to provide support when participants are trying something new.

Virtual Sessions – ‘Learning Bursts’:

Some skills and behaviours can be trained virtually using bite-sized ‘learning bursts’.

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