Sales Simulator

Learning Through Experience

The Sales Simulator from LSA helps your customer-facing teams make the right call at the right time to get the best outcome in all sales related interactions. In our sales simulation training we mirror a real-world selling environment, where the delegates play themselves.

Sales people learn by doing, making mistakes and direct coaching, which is why traditional, theoretical, classroom-based training often struggles to deliver tangible results. On average, there’s little to no time spent training people on HOW to sell, and WHY people say ‘yes’. In addition, all too often the participants are left to make the connection between what has happened in the classroom to their real-world sales opportunities.

The Sales Simulator from Longley Sales Academy, just like driving, military or flight simulators, helps your sales people become experts without years of experience. It presents teams with a sales challenge that is tailored to your business, your product offering and the world of your client / customer market. To mirror a real-life sales opportunity, teams will compete with each other to ‘win the business’.

Participants will work individually or in groups to conduct the following core activities:

  • PROSPECTING: Opening the door to a new potential customer / client account.
  • ENGAGING: Prepare for and conduct an initial, exploratory meeting to build rapport with the prospect, identify opportunity for your businesses and gain commitment to a follow-up meeting.
  • UNCOVERING : Through consultative dialogue build the customer / client ‘Business Case for Change’.
  • PRESENTING: Deliver a recommendation that compels the customer to move forward.
  • NEGOTIATING: Gain commitment to the business without sacrificing margin.

Following each activity the participants will receive:

  • Individual feedback and coaching.
  • Key skill / behaviour reinforcement or training bursts.


Sales Simulator  can be run as a stand-alone workshop, or it can be integrated into our training programmes. It can also be tailored to your organisation needs, taking the following potential areas of focus into consideration:

Assess - Reinforce - Train


your team’s strengths and weaknesses in a real-world sales environment.


and share best practice to develop your ‘Common Language of Sales and Customer Engagement.


on the job skills, behaviours and tools that are proven to make a swift impact on sales performance.


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