Sales and Leadership Talent Assessment

A route to high sales performance

We believe that before conducting any training or coaching it is vital to understand the skill, behavioural and attitudinal gaps. These gaps may prevent your people from performing at their optimal level. Only by understanding where you are now can we advise you with confidence how to take performance to the next level.

We do this in two ways:

1.  Team Engagement

Training and coaching works best when the participants feel that it’s happening ‘with them’ instead of ‘to them’. It is essential to take the time to understand their performance challenges and aspirations. It is equally vital to invite them to contribute to the development journey. As a result, they have a stake in the process and are more likely to engage with their personal development. In addition to the Engagement Sessions we provide valuable anecdotal insight into the world of the participants. This enables us to tailor our training and coaching sessions to really hit the spot.

2.  Online Sales Talent Assessment

We invite all attendees to complete an online assessment that is carefully selected to mirror their current or new job role. This robust sales talent assessment delivers a highly objective view of:

  • Which skills are lacking
  • Which behaviours are limiting high performance
  • Participants’ motivation
  • How much further can the participants develop
  • Participants’ ranking against a high performer benchmark in your industry

We collate the assessment results and provide you with a crystal clear view of your current position. We then tailor a development plan that matches the needs of your business and your people.

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