8 Basic Rules Of Negotiation | Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills: 8 Basic Rules of Negotiation
Negotiation Skills | 8 Basic Rules Of Negotiation The art of negotiation is not exact science, so there’s no proven formula for success. Having said that, negotiating is a tad like chess. There are rules to follow. The foundation principles below have served me well in past and current negotiation situations: Discounting or dropping your
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9 Reasons Salespeople Win Deals

Top 9 Reasons Why Salespeople Lose or Win Deals
9 Reasons Salespeople Win Deals Do you know why you win or lose deals?   How often, after losing a deal, do you ask yourself: What went wrong? Was our product inferior? Was it marketing’s fault? Something I said? Something I did? Or something I didn’t do? Was the customer a time-waster? Did we get
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Don’t Mention The Benefits! | Sales Hacks

Product Benefits: Don't Mention Your Product Benefits
Don’t Mention The Product Benefits! There is a common misconception that in order to be successful in sales you just need to be really good at explaining your product benefits or service to prospective customers. I recently spent some time with a senior buyer of a large multinational organisation. He said… “If another sales person rattles off
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What Is The Best Way To Close A Sale? | Sales Skills

What is the best way to close a sale? | Closing Skills
What Is The Best Way To Close A Sale? | Closing Skills If you believe lack of closing skills is your problem, it’s not REALLY your problem. At an event last week I met a business owner who was convinced he knew what the problem with his sales team was. He said… “We’ve got a great
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