Sales Training That Delivers Results

When you consider the time and financial investment involved when embarking on a sales training programme, it is vital you are fully confident that it will deliver the change and results you are focused on.
Click on the clip below, where Graham shares his 3 critical success factors for any sales development plan to ensure swift, measurable and, above all, sustainable success.

3 Success Factors

By following these 3 steps you will be setting yourself up for sales success:


Make sure you fully understand the ACTIVITY, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLSET and MINDSET gaps that exist in your teams that are preventing optimum performance.  Only then can you design a development programme that will hit the spot.


Work with people who have been successful sales professionals and who have lead sales teams to perform consistently over time.  Only these people have earned the right to advise you and your sales team.


Lasting change doesn’t happen in the training room it has to translate into the real world.  A partnership between trainer and your Management and Leadership team is vital if your sales team are going to turn their new skills and behaviours into high-performance habits.

Why Us?

What makes us different:

1. We've walked
in your shoes

We are successful sales leaders, managers and professionals who now train … not trainers who have never sold or led a team to sell. We believe that only sales professionals with a successful track record in their field have earned the right to advise fellow sales professionals.

2. We diagnose
before we train

We engage, listen to your sales team and understand your business before designing a bespoke training approach. We diagnose the specific gaps that hold a sales team back from performing before we train so that our programmes deliver pin point development when and where it is needed.

3. We focus on what happens after the training

Our primary focus is on how to make long lasting behavioural change that will deliver the results our clients demand. We ensure that what we cover in the training room is translated into each sales persons / leaders day to day role.

Next Steps

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Our Methodology

... and what it means for you

Proven Track

Each Longley Academy coach has a minimum of 10 years successful track record in sales & leadership.
This enables us to step into your shoes and deliver powerful answers to your specific business and customer challenges.


Every programme is tailored to the precise needs of your people and the business as a whole.
We don’t deliver ‘sheep-dip’ or ‘off the shelf’ training programmes. We deliver powerful change workshops.

& Tested

We only train world-class skills, behaviours and methodologies that are proven to make a difference in the ‘real world’.
If we don’t use it, we won’t train it.


We work closely with you to define the critical success factors for any development programme.
We believe that you should see measurable change throughout the process not have to wait, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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